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Why am I building this?

It will be fun to build. Yep, you heard me. FUN. Awesome competitors like Squarespace or TheGrid scare me, and I think turning that fear into motivation is great! I want to have a business that provides massive value, for a really fair cost. Most businesses and individuals don’t need pages, they need one amazing page. And last of all, I want to build something with some of my smartest friends.

Mobile First Approach

With the advent of mobile, customers expect to see the most relevant information first. They want to take their next steps in the purchasing cycle, and you should capitalize on this excitement. Boxwriter enables this activity by leveraging custom questionnaires based on your business type – to help you publish only the most relevant content. Get your customers moving in the right direction, towards your products and services : )

Not Your Dad’s CMS

Boxwriter won’t become a ‘do-it-all’ complex publishing system, requiring software installations, writing code or whacky plugins – under the hood, our platform takes care of this functionality for you. Boxwriter is being designed to help you publish a website quickly and to add content when you see fit. We will provide all of the best stratagies for: seo, design, accessibility and responsiveness – all of it, baked right in.

Where does it fit in the product eco-system?

Our plan is to bring the simplicty of web publishing to the masses. We’re building a platform that will have the backend elegance of WordPress, the character limitations of Twitter (a good thing!), and the cloud strength of Amazon – and folding that into a static publishing system. Your web page will be rediculously fast – which is what mobile begs for. Like Tom Cruise (and Goose) said in Top Gun: ‘I feel the need...’, ‘the need for speed!’

Free for Non-profits

Boxwriter will be free for non-profits. I’m commited to providing a small, but solid toolset for folks that are committed to helping the world. In a sense, I’ll be helping the helpers. This makes me really happy.

Who is the crazy person behind this?

@davidmartinez is a designer, ux practitioner and believes technology’s purpose is to enhance, enlighten and simplify the human experience (and save the world too!). David has helped nurture these companies from their humble beginnings: @legalzoom @gamefly @cakemark @pictage – and he plans to do more.